We always love traditional weddings, especially temple weddings. It always has a special traditional vibe. Weddings are once in a lifetime events hence we love to capture thosewmns air 1 mid jordan shoes nike air max 90 wmns air max 270 nike air max pre day wmns air max 270 nike air max 97 gucci air max goaterra 2.0 nike air jordan mid air max 97 sale nike air max womens cheap cheap jordans nike air jordan mid air jordan 14 nike air force jordan essential vibes without losing its naturality . It’s true that the beauty of a Kerala Wedding lies in its simplicity and culture diversities. Kerala is also known to be a mix of traditional and conventional weddings too. Right from the Kanyadaan Ceremony to the traditional Vidai ritual, everything has its own speciality and meaning. Weddings are always timeless events, they’re a celebration of love, happiness and moreover it’s a union of two families and sometimes even two diverse cultures – Kerala Hindu Wedding Photography

Nowadays, traditional weddings are in full swing, and the latest to join in our gallery are Adarsh & Radhika’s Wedding. They are super cool couples, they had tied the knot at a temple initially attended by close friends and relatives followed by  an intimate wedding celebration at BTH Sarovaram, Kochi – and their photos are finally here.

BTH Sarovaram is an amazing lush green venue overlooking Tranquil Backwaters. It is considered as a hotspot of Hindu weddings. Its nature-friendly ambience makes it a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony.

As we all know, most Kerala brides of Hindu Wedding chose simple and elegant wedding attire. Here Radhika adorns a traditional Kerala Saree paired with traditional jewelry where Adarsh perfectly compliments her with his traditional Kerala wear. They are so cute to say the least and their wedding literally looks like a celebration of their love.. Every wedding has its own unique customs that make it special in its own manner.

Hence we are very happy to become a part of their big day. May god deepen your love for each other and strengthen your bond. Have a glimpse at their beautiful photographs: Kerala Hindu Wedding Photography

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